Ultimately, the most important thing about Moveit4smiles is the money and awareness we raise to tackle mouth cancer.

We know your time is valuable and if you do not have time to take part but want to show your support then please give as much as you can.

Your donations will go towards Oral Health Foundation and their Mouth Cancer Action campaign. All donations from our JustGiving page will go towards raising the awareness of mouth cancer and act as a spearhead for oral health education and awareness in the United Kingdom.

In the last two years, you have donated in excess of £11,000 – a terrific effort – but we still need your continued support.

Any donations are truly value so please give generously, and don’t forget to leave us a message so we can thank you!

By doing your bit and supporting Moveit4smiles together we can help to fight mouth cancer.

Donate to Moveit4smiles on our JustGiving page:

Alternatively, if you are taking part in an event, you can download this sponsorship form.

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