The Pedometer Challenge

This year Moveit4smiles has something really exciting for you.  Just how far are you willing to move it for mouth cancer?

To answer this question, we are issuing a Moveit4smiles Pedometer Challenge.

Whether you’re setting out to walk to your local grocery store or preparing to tour some of Britain’s most famous landmarks, clip on your pedometer and see just how far you can go.

You can do it on your own or as part of a team involving family, friends, colleagues or members of the community. Get fit, have fun, improve your health and help raise awareness (and money) for mouth cancer.

We also have some great prizes on offer, including Fitbits, for those who manage the most steps.

How it works


  • To register, make a donation to the Oral Health Foundation’s Mouth Cancer Action campaign via our JustGiving page at
  • Registration is a £10 donation. In return we will send you a Moveit4smiles Pedometer, along with information about the campaign.
  • If you want to take part as a team, simply make a larger donation.  For every person in your team, donate an extra £10. For example, leaving a £50 donation will get you five pedometers.
  • Don’t forget to add Gift Aid onto your donation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you leave a message on our donation board quoting ‘PEDOMETER CHALLENGE’ so we know to send your pedometer and pack!

Raise money

  • Raise money by asking family, friends, colleagues and patients to sponsor you.

– Why not give them a goal by either pledging to walk a certain amount of steps, or ask them to sponsor you for every step you make.

Move it

  • When you receive your pedometer, strap it on and see how many steps you can clock in one whole week. You can wear it during a marathon or simply track your daily steps at work.
  • Once you have completed your 7 days, send in your overall steps via email to
  • If you’re competing as part of a team, choose one person to submit the group’s total step count, to, along with the steps of the best individual team member.
  • Our Pedometer Challenge is honesty-based, so please record and submit your true readings. We’re all competitive but fair play must be adhered to.
  • Please submit your steps by 30 November 2016, when the competition closes.

Share your stories

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking part in our Pedometer Challenge on your own or are set to do battle against your friends, we would love to hear from your.

Contact us with your Moveit4smiles Pedometer Challenge stories and any pictures you have collected from your event.

You can also share them on social media with @moveit4smiles using #pedometerchallenge #mouthcanceraction.