The cause

MCAMonth 2014 vectorEvery day in the United Kingdom 20 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer while more continue to lose their fight to the disease than those with testicular and cervical cancer combined.  This is a deeply shocking and sad outcome and is made even more troubling when you consider that with early detection the survival rate is 90%… compared to 50% for late diagnosis! Early detection of mouth cancer is vital.

The problem we are facing is the disturbingly low public awareness of this killer disease. Around one in ten have never heard of mouth cancer.  Even more are not aware of the risk factors involved, with a quarter of the population unable to identify smoking is a major cause of the disease.

But it’s not only raising awareness of the established risk factors like smoking and drinking alcohol to excess, that we are struggling with. We are also facing an upward battle with newly emerging causes.  Cases of mouth cancer attributed through the human papillomavirus (HPV), transmitted mostly through oral sex, have risen alarming over the last decade and is recognised as the fundamental reason behind the rise in mouth cancer cases. HPV is highly expected to soon overtake tobacco use as the main cause of mouth cancer.

What we are striving towards is educating and raising awareness of this silent killer, allowing for people to be diagnosed sooner and giving them a better chance of survival.


Although the number of mouth cancer cases has increased steadily over the last decade, more people are being treated successfully and living for longer.  Yet despite the positive trend of those beating the disease for good, our real challenge is to reduce the overall number of mouth cancers all together.

As smoking is the largest cause of mouth cancer it is clear that many cases are entirely preventable and we need to spread the message. This is where you come in.

The fight against cancer is not only done by doctors and scientists in white coats but by every single person who gives up a bit of their time to come together and support for a cause and raise awareness.

We cannot fight this battle ourselves we need you to make a move and help us along the way.

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