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What is Moveit4smiles?

Moveit4smiles is an oral health initiative with a simple aim to get moving and raise money to help tackle mouth cancer.
The Cause

A campaign aiming to raise awareness and address the devastating affect mouth cancer has on so many lives. More than 7,500 people in the UK are diagnosed with the disease every year, which has increased by more than a third in the last decade alone. Early detection is vital so we need to spread the messages and ultimately save lives.

Pedometer Challenge

This year we have a really exciting challenge for you. Just how far can you move it for mouth cancer? Sign up, donate and we’ll send you a Moveit4smiles pack, containing your very own pedometer. Track your steps and send it back to us. The person, or team, who travel the furthest will receive a fantastic prize.

Organise an event

We are asking you to sign up, get your pedometers on and move it! It does not matter how you do it or for how long, all that matters is getting your friends, family and patients behind you. Get them to join you in moving from A to B, or simply ask them to sponsor you for your efforts, growing their knowledge and awareness of this disease.


Ultimately, the most important thing about Moveit4smiles is the money we raise to tackle mouth cancer. We know your time is valuable and if you do not have time to take part but want to show your support then please give as much as you can. Your donations will go towards Oral Health Foundation and their Mouth Cancer Action campaign.


Background and about Moveit4smiles
Since the first campaign in 2014 we have raised more than £25,000 for mouth cancer action.

Our team have been working together since 2014 with our initial fund raiser under the name ‘500 Miles 4 Smiles’.

In its first year, the campaign team and its supporters raised £25,000. After this brilliant first effort, the campaign was renamed ‘Moveit4Smiles’ in 2015 and continued to raise awareness and money for mouth cancer action. Just that bit more!

Moveit4smiles 2016 seeks to encourage anybody with a passion for raising awareness of important health issues to challenge themselves, their colleagues and friends, to make every step count. In your daily work or by doing something grander, even climbing a mountain? Simply sign up, make your initial donation to get your pedometer and make your steps count!

Building partnerships and working alongside other likeminded health teams and voluntary organisations. Forging closer relationships within local communities. Is good for business and more importantly good for raising awareness of a disease that will kill if not detected early enough.

  • Survival rates based on late diagnoses
  • Increase of mouth cancer cases in the last decade
  • Never heard of mouth cancer

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